Social Media Marketing


If you had the opportunity to enhance relationships with patients and get real endorsements that could reach millions of people, wouldn’t you?
ocial media marketing gives healthcare organizations a way to engage consumers and healthcare professionals while establishing your brand. Our social media campaigns are integrated with your overall marketing strategy. We build campaigns that promote quality and convenience for patients. Clients who are impressed with your EHR system or visitors who want to learn more about your services can get engaged in the burgeoning social media community that continues to grow.

  • Americans spend three times as much time on their social media accounts than email accounts
  • 53 percent of adults follow specific brands through their Facebook accounts
  • Over half of social media users will take the time to write product and service reviews online

Facebook has more than 800 million subscribers alone, and there’s a good chance that most of your current patients and potential patients are in that number. Other social media giants like Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube provide similar platforms that allow you to reach your desired demographic and learn what moves them.

Social media is powerful because it empowers users to share, comment and promote pictures, videos and thoughts on topics, products and services that they personally value.

Why not be the valued commodity that clients can’t stop raving about? If you’re ready to take control of your social media image and use it to your advantage, contact Medpharm Informatics to learn more.