When patients walk into a healthcare facility, the last thing they want to do is sit around wasting time in a packed waiting room.
he good news is you can zip your patients in and out of the doctor’s office, improve your recording keeping and increase the amount of patients you serve daily with MedPharm Patient Pre-Registration Portals.

Pre-registration portals allow patients to create an Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) that gives them and Healthcare facilities access to their medical history, scheduling and much more.

Patients can fill out mandatory documents online, giving them time to gather information about health stats, allergies, medication and other data before their appointments.

Patients can also confirm appointments digitally, helping offices to cut down on rescheduling and double-booking.
Other benefits include:
  • Electronic email or text message reminders sent to patients
  • Option to stagger appointments, resulting in less crowded waiting rooms
  • No more losing charts!
The patients' documents that use to the drown doctor’s offices can be placed online, where they will always be available, instantly!

The time that used to be wasted searching for a patient’s test results can now be used to build your business. Are you ready to improve your office work flow and give better, quicker service to your patients?