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medical software

Medpharm is committed to provide you with the most sophisticated, modern and user friendly medical software.
Medpharm Medical Software At a Glance:
  • Features the latest MS SQL 2008 database engine, Crystal reports and .NET programming
  • The software is regularly updated and seamlessly handles new forms
  • Attractive Graphical user interface, designed for the latest operating systems,large LCD screens and large fonts
  • Easy to learn and import information from other software systems. Also has great import/export features
  • Complete Accounting System – Data entry, e-billing and amazing management reports and sub-reports
  • Scan documents, images and information into patient charts and EMR
  • Professional, dynamic and sophisticated patient scheduler
  • Medpharm medical software is enriched with additional features like customizable patient letters, point-of-sale, inventory tracking, electronic bills etc.
  • It's scalable, secure and affordable
Medpharm Patient Scheduler provide users the opportunity to track the complete appointment schedule including who created and modified the appointment. It also allows the user to add columns along with the existing columns for their convenience.
The users can now find appointments manually or use the automated search version to search and select the next available appointment based on selected criteria.
Once the patients visits the clinic for an appointment and are found to have an outstanding, a message alert in the software is popped up and an account alert for outstanding appears under the patient information section.
This module is easy to learn and use. Now scheduling, moving and copying appointments is just a matter of few moments.
There are options available for displaying appointments to meet the needs of your practice. It has various enhanced powerful features like:
  • Adding patients to an appointment wait list
  • Marking appointments as confirmed, not confirmed, being consulted, missed or cancelled.
  • Immediately search all providers for next available time slot.
  • Color coding available to identify the types of appointments like New Patients, Follow-up patients, etc
  • Bills printing for patients scheduled for a day or as patients visit the premises.
This allows more than one user to access your data simultaneously.
Extensive Reporting Formats
Medpharm provides with extensive management reports covering a wide range of practice management issues. Our reports help you to assess the productivity and profitability of your practice. We provide Extensive Pre-formatted Management reports and also enhance Customized Reports. With a single click you can produce number of reports such as
  • Patients Managed Care Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Daily MIS Generation Reports
  • Data Reports
  • Marketing Reports
  • Insurance and Billing Receipts
  • Daily Practice Statistics
  • Appointments
Our software has over 100 standard reports with over 300 sub reports. Further, you are able to generate updated reports at anytime. The data in the system is also updated with each transaction. The reports are easily exported to MS Excel (*.xls), MS Word (*.doc), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) or as Crystal Reports (*.rpt).

Our software also allows you to design your own specific reports using a unique built-in Report designer wherein you can virtually design any type of report for daily use or for corporate management objectives including letters, statements, forms etc.
Software For Insurance And Billing:
Now send claims electronically right from our Medical Billing software. This increases the claim acceptance rates and reduces the payment time considerably. It is further better than paper claims as all the government and commercial claims are sent to one location with one telephone call. Also, claims are immediately edited for valid content including missing information, valid procedure and diagnosis codes and carrier specific information. The cost of processing an electronic claim is comparatively less than the same claim submitted on paper.
Other Additional Features
  • ICD & CPT codes can be merged easily
  • Our customized reports option allows busy healthcare practices to obtain to-the-point information.
  • A unique feature of appointment reminders that provide patient appointment and pickup information. Patients also receive a friendly phone call reminding them for their visit. What more..! Patient can reschedule their appointment on the same call if they wish to visit in some other time slot.
  • A unique Insurance Card Scanner software which easily allows you to quickly make copies of insurance cards and other identity cards of the patients which enables you to send those copies directly to the printer.
  • Enhanced patient appointment scheduling
  • Centralized Database System
  • User Friendly design
  • Easy to be customized
  • Modular Structure
  • Integrated electronic statements
  • Easy and simple patient accounting
  • Electronic insurance billing
  • Enhanced and customized reports
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Measure practice productivity and performance
  • Simplify administrative tasks for front, back and clinical staff
  • Highly secured, user wise authentication of modules
  • Graphical presentation of reports
  • Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional areas.
  • HL7, HIPAA Compliance programming, ICD 10 incorporated
  • Remote accession of database for instant support