IT Outsourcing


Reduce IT complexities, Lower down your costs, Mitigate risk and Accelerate business growth with the leading Outsourcing partner in India.
utsourcing the IT services achieve cost savings as it is largely driven by a need to enhance cost efficiencies. This further can greatly improve employee morale, business continuity and a superior quality. Med Pharm offers the outsourcing solutions by Ethical approach which helps your company plan proactively for attrition of knowledge and skills. We deliver using best practices and value-based services by successfully integrating people, process and technology. Our customer focus and customized approach allow us to tailor your existing IT resources as per your requirements. Our Outsourcing solutions can help you to drastically reduce costs and provide the flexibility to operate efficiently, despite uncertain economic climates and budgetary constraints. Partnering with us will provide you access to cutting-edge technology, skilled and experienced workforce, and high level of professionalism.
We are experts in crafting customer–specific web applications so that you can improve your workplace or business practices and push up your ROI graph. Rather than a simple provider, Med Pharm becomes your partner!
  • Complete IT solutions – From Design to Delivery
  • Customized Application Services and Management
  • 3D / Multimedia Services
  • 24 x 7 Helpdesk Support
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Network Services
  • Infrastructure Managed Services
  • Staffing high caliber full time/dedicated resources
  • Promoting your websites in search engines
  • Improve company margins and profitability
  • Free up resources to focus on innovation and expansion
  • Reduce personnel management, including personnel hiring & attrition liabilities
Technology Expertise / Skills:
The company has expert teams of software and web developers who are well versed in use of various technologies like
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence using Microsoft SQL Server
  • Cognos
  • .Net, J2EE, C#, VB, VBA
  • Hyperion
  • Data Integrator, Datastage, Informatica
  • Ingres Open Source
  • Oracle, Teradata, DB2
  • VMware Certification
Med Pharm offers various outsourcing models to our clients having different requirements. From choosing to a fixed price project which has a shorter timeframe and has well defined goals to offering large and critical software development projects where the requirements of the project changes from time to time, we appoint a team of dedicated developers who are experts in their fields and they work on your project with utmost commitment.
Benefits of Outsourcing
  • We offer outsourcing to countries with lower labor costs
  • Focusing on your core business, you become more efficient and try to develop the new areas of expertise
  • Access to Operational Expertise which would be too difficult and time consuming to develop in-house
  • Access to more talent and sustainable source of skills.
  • Enhancing innovative capacity of the company by using external knowledge service providers
  • Reduces time
  • It helps minimizing Risks
  • Helps maintain Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection by implementing our companies set of policies and procedures that protects your business sensitive information and software artifacts.
Our Methodology:
Different phases in our methodology include :
  • Obtaining complete information: Our team acquires all necessary information about the proposed process or project.
  • Feasibility analysis: The processes, services,and projects are analyzed to test the feasibility of a recommended module.
  • Evaluation, Estimation and Finalization: The received recommendations are evaluated and project estimation is drafted for finalizing the outsourcing process.
Help Desk Services
Our Help Desk is equipped with the latest in remote technologies for quick troubleshooting. It allows us to address the issues in real time 24x7. We also monitor our client’s networks to protect against the threats and try to immediately identify potential system vulnerabilities. We also recommend preventative maintenance as an important strategy to keep your systems operating at a maximum efficiency.