eCommerce Solutions


The most preferred E-Commerce Solution, that provides a secure, affordable and reliable shopping cart solution for Manufacturers, Retailers and Single Store Owners.
e help you to create a rich and comprehensive online store for your business.
Our comprehensive, advanced e-commerce website design solutions will be a perfect match for your online e-commerce website.

Whether you are a small start-up business or the head of a large enterprise, Medpharm E-Commerce Solutions are experts in Ecommerce and can help you plan, design and build a successful ecommerce website.

Ranging from Cost-effective E-Commerce Solutions designed for small or start-up businesses to building bespoke and integrated solutions for clients with bigger budgets we also have multi-channel ecommerce solutions for selling on platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

We provide simple, intuitive and clean interface designs which will generate repeat customers for your business through inspiring confidence in the shoppers and earning customer loyalty.

Of course, an easy-to-use, pleasantly-designed Product Catalogue will make it as quick and easy as possible for your customers to compare your products, and to choose the products, colors, sizes, etc that they want.
Our e-commerce solution includes the following facilities:
  • Product catalogue management including multi-tiered, scalable product catalogue
  • Order management, tracking and customer notifications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Content Management
  • Promotional marketing
  • Scheduled discounts & Gift vouchers
  • Customer shopping cart and wish lists
  • Multi-level pricing and Multi-currency support
  • ERP Integration
  • Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) Integration
  • Customer Shipping Calculations
  • Third Party Payment Gateway Integration
  • Secure Credit Card Payments (SSL)
  • Shipping/Delivery Management
  • Web Surveys, Web Forms and Customer reviews
  • Website analytics and conversions monitoring
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
We provide the following E-Commerce solutions:
E-Commerce for Small Businesses
We do understand that as a small business you need to keep your costs to a minimum and the last thing you need is to blow your entire marketing budget on one single website. There’s where we bring to you our special offering for your small scale or a start-up enterprise. This service provides all the excellent features but at a price that doesn’t break the bank! You may want to upgrade your website to bespoke once your business is established and you have a decent return!
Bespoke E-Commerce
Our web developers and designers enjoy nothing more than a challenge and relish getting their teeth into a project that requires a little more grey matter than usual and we are confident we can realise your ideas and exceed your expectations. If you need your website to be a bit more special and want to push the boundaries of usability and e-commerce functionality, Medpharm E-commerce solutions is the right place for you!
Integrated E-Commerce
Its the best solution incase you already have a system working well for you and you need to have another system to manage your online data/orders. Medpharm can design and implement integrated e-commerce solutions to work alongside your existing systems.
Multi-channel E-Commerce
Imagine maintaining all the product information and images in one place and having one central place to maintain, manage and process orders... This is Medpharm’s Multi-channel E-commerce Solutions. This feature enables you to sell your products not just via an ecommerce website, but also by other retail channels/markets such as eBay, Amazon, etc. This includes traditional channels like MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) and EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale). This is a Time Saver and you are in complete control of your stock. As an online seller you may have been duplicating your product range on sales channels other than your website which takes time and results in orders being processed in different ways and places. Through this channel there is no duplication of images or product descriptions (you can customize them for each channel if you wish) and even the orders are processed in one place wherever they are from so there’s no need to switch between different systems and websites to process and despatch your orders. Further, this channel also allows you to accurately allocate stock and redistribute it between your selling channels in real time ensuring you’ll always have enough products to sell!
We could wonder about how many million smartphones are in use today and how they’ve revolutionised the way we find and buy products. Your website is already set and the money’s rolling in and now you are looking at ways of maximizing your selling opportunities online. As good as our PC based sites are, they are designed and developed for cellphones / smartphones where in the sites are simple, quick to download, easy to navigate and cross-device compatible. We develop apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your idea, give you an idea of costs, ROI and how to market your app.
E-Commerce Features:
  • Based on a tried and tested framework, tailored to accommodate your specific requirements
  • A solution that is unique to you and your business
  • Easy to use order processing, sales reporting and Content Management System
  • Unlimited products and product categories controlled and edited by you
  • Google and other search engine friendly URLs and page building to aid your online presence
  • Integration with your preferred payment gateway included (multiple gateways are available)
  • Safe, secure and trusted checkout process using SSL
  • Automated after sales email communications with your customer
E-Commerce Website Development
Your search for an optimum quality customized solution in form of ecommerce shopping cart ends here! We believe in designing and developing comprehensive E-commerce Solution that is par excellence & capable of catering to the requirements of its targeted clientele in the most efficient manner possible.
Technologies Used:
Microsoft Technologies
Open Source Technologies
System Technologies
Web & RIA Technologies
Application & Web Server
Operating System
You Get:
Product Management
  • Manage unlimited products/categories
  • Color swatches for product images
  • Advance Search for products
  • Copy products to multiple categories
  • Real-time product updates
  • Manage display order of products/category
  • Volume discounts
  • Set products pricing to multiple customer types
Product Management
  • Manage unlimited products/categories
  • Color swatches for product images
  • Advance Search for products
  • Copy products to multiple categories
  • Real-time product updates
  • Manage display order of products/category
  • Volume discounts
  • Set products pricing to multiple customer types
Order Management
  • Manage orders online
  • Manage order status: sent, pending, back-ordered
  • Manage shipping methods (UPS, FEDEX etc.)
  • Secure credit card payments (Ccnow, Paypal, etc)
  • Manage / Print past orders
  • Manage detailed order history
Customer Management
  • Manage customer profiles
  • Manage multiple customer types
  • Volume discounts as per customer type
Inventory Management
  • Product Level Inventory Control
  • Real-Time Product Inventory Tracking
  • Quantity in Stock Inventory Report
  • Inventory Control on Product Purchases.
Shopping Cart
  • Category Drill-Down
  • Secure On-Line Ordering and Checkout
  • Multiple Payment Methods (Master card, Visa card etc.)
  • Multiple Shipping Methods (Ups, Fedex)
  • Shipping Calculated On Checkout Process
  • Email Notification of Orders (To Customer and Admin Both)
  • Update Product Quantities from Cart
  • Hot and Featured Product Listings
  • Manage Customer Billing, Shipping Information
  • Secure administrator Login to Manage Shopping Website
  • Provide Administrators Manual
  • Create/Change Admin Username & Password
  • Stock Report
  • Total Customer Report
  • Total Sales Report (Date, Between Dates, Month and Yearly
Payment Gateway is an e-commerce service that authorizes payments for e-business & online retailers. They encrypt sensitive information such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and merchant.
Working of Payment Gateway
Though it may sound simple but actually the entire working of a payment gateway comprises of multiple complex steps; a brief of which is given below: -
  • Visitor places the order on the website and it is sent to the merchant's web server in encrypted format. This is usually done via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.
  • The transactions details are then forwarded to the concerned Payment Gateway.
  • The transaction information is then passed on to the merchants acquiring bank by the Payment Gateway.
  • Merchants acquiring bank then forwards the transaction information to the issuing bank (one that issued the credit card to the customer).
  • Then the card issuing bank sends a response back to the Payment Gateway. The response includes information that whether the payment has been approved or declined. In case of declination the reason is also sent in the response.
  • The response is then forwarded by the Payment Gateway to the merchant's server.
  • At merchants server the response is encrypted again and is relayed back to the customer. This allows the customer to know that whether the order has been placed successfully or not.
  • The entire process typically takes less than 5 seconds. At the end of the bank day(or settlement period), the acquiring bank (or card issuing bank) deposits the total of the approved funds in to the merchant's nominated account.