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Learn more about our innovative solutions that are helping to drive the healthcare industry forward.
Solutions for Hospitals
Healthcare IT solutions for hospitals, physicians and other providers.
Solutions for Pharmacies
Solutions for online pharmacies, including inventory management, prescription refill and mobile applications.
What’s New
  • Launched “Mobile Pharmacy Website” for RxCare Pharmacy
  • Launched “Leave Management System” for a Pharmacy Chain in US
  • Launched “Supply Management System “ for a Pharmacy Chain in US
  • Launched “Responsive E-commerce Portal” for pharmacy DME and OTC products
  • Working on “High End Enterprise Collaboration Platform” connecting 35 pharmacies across U.S and Cannada
  • Launched iPhone app for online Pharmacy
Why Us?
  • Increase Cash Flow - MedPharm Informatics solutions will facilitate quicker collection of accounts receivable, decreasing outstanding payables, increasing cash flow and reducing
    stress for clinicians.
  • Improve Efficiency - MedPharm Informatics solutions will help to improve the efficiency of workflow for physicians and institutions.
  • Easy Integration - MedPharm Informatics offers easy integration and free consultations when dealing with incompatible systems.
  • Better Healthcare Delivery - MedPharm provides “Anytime, Anyplace and on Any Platform” technology that facilitates better healthcare delivery.
  • Reduction in Medical Errors - MedPharm Informatics solutions will aid in the reduction of medical errors by streamlining processes.